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Andrew Cheung headshot photo
Andrew Cheung
Co-Founder, Director
Ivan Oung headshot photo
Ivan Oung
Co-Founder, Director
Brad Wong headshot photo
Brad Wong
Founding Member, Full-Stack Developer
Mangal Limbu headshot photo
Mangal Limbu
Founding Member, Full-Stack Developer

Service Partners

Digital Nomads Hong Kong

Digital Nomads Hong Kong is a digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong which offers end-to-end online leads generation solutions.

Mighty Oaks, Plaza Premium Lounge, and Treasure Island Group are some of the many happy clients of Digital Nomads Hong Kong.

Respect Design

Mandy Chan, an award-winning founder of Respect Design, also a reliable designer with more than 8 years of international branding and product design experiences.

Throughout these few years, she worked with clients from start-up to corporate in different service sectors, mainly focusing on brand and digital solutions.

Software Partners


ContactOut is a data intelligence platform that helps you get connected to the right people.

Since their launch in 2015, ContactOut has acquired more than 400k activated users. Their customers are primarily in the US and are from 76% of Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Facebook, McKinsey, Netflix, and Nike.


Intercom - “The Engagement OS” - a purpose-built sales, marketing and support system based on an intuitive chat interface.

Automated answers and customizable bots can easily provide first line self-service support and assist in creating sales leads, while outbound messages and product tour features can actively engage and convert leads into customers.

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